Just installed Photolemur - won't import any images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Valerie Moore

    Hi Bernd! I'm sorry for the delayed reply.

    In order to fix the issue, we need some more information from you. Please make the following screenshots and attach them below:

    1.A screenshot of your PC information. 

    To check that, go to Start, type about, and then select About your PC. 

    2. A screenshot of Visual C Redistributables installed on your computer.

    To check that, please click on ‘Start’ menu > Settings > Apps. Under ‘Apps & features’ please search for 'Visual C' and make a screenshot of all the results it'll find.

    3. A screenshot of your graphics card info.

    To check that, right click on your Desktop and select 'Display settings'. Then click 'Advanced display settings' and select 'Display adapter properties'.

    You can upload the file to www.WeTransfer.com & send us the link.

  • Bernd Herrmann

    Every time I try to open an image - whatever the size (all of them are larger than the minimum 800 x 600) - this is what I see.  Unless somebody can diagnose this scenario, I'm ready for a refund.


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