Export from Photolemur 3



  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Robert!

    Photolemur does not support exporting to the social networks anymore because the Terms and Conditions have been changed.

    We apologize for any inconveniences. 

  • John DeVilbiss

    I was just able to export a photo from Photolemur directly to Facebook with no problems. Interestingly, I have been unable to successfully export to my Flickr and Smugmug accounts. Any suggestion?



  • Valerie Moore

    John, could you please specify if you are a MacOS user?

    When you update your OS to Mojave you will not be able to export to Facebook. We don't support exporting to Flickr and Smugmug anymore.

    Sorry for the inconveniences. 

  • John DeVilbiss

    Valerie, yes, I am a MacOS user, and have not updated my laptop to Mojave yet, so this is good to know. Thanks for the update regarding Flickr and Smugmug, as well. The extra step of downloading to a hard drive is probably better in the long run. After all, I wouldn't want my lazy mug to grow fat and smug by expecting my photos to upload in a flickr!   

  • Valerie Moore

    Great to know! ;)

    Enjoy Photolemur and let me know if any questions arise.

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