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  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Antonio!

    You may use CALL to open Photolemur or the image in Photolemur. Please, take a look at the attached screenshot.

    However, you can't import and export pictures with the help of command prompt.

    Let me know if you still have any questions! :)

  • Antonio Torres Heredia

    Thanks Valerie!

    I am assuming one can do the same with the Mac version... but, in any case, if one cannot BOTH open AND export pictures directly from the command-line, this will not solve my problem. (This is a process I need to repeat hundreds of times per day, that's why I want to do it from a script, without involving the mouse or keyboard).

    I think this would be a great feature to have.

    Thanks again for your prompt response.


    + A

  • Valerie Moore

    Antonio, thank you for the feedback!

    We will consider adding this feature in future.

    Have a marvelous day! :)

  • Matthew Alner

    i'd love this too.

    Something like `$ photolemur -o ~/Pictures -l 80 ~/Picture/some.jpg`


    `-o` `--output`                   being output
    `-l` `--level`                       being the level off the effect (the slider from the app)
    `-f` `--face-enhance`         for the face enhance
    `-e` `--eye-enlargement`   for eye enlargement

  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Matthew!

    Thank you for the feedback! We will consider your comment in future!


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