Photolemur Hangs when Styles are applied to All Images (Windows)



  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Timothy!

    Thank you for the feedback!

    The feature "Apply to All Images" is improved in the next update. The next update will be released very soon!

    Stay tuned!

  • Michael Hütter



    In my case the whole program crashes!

    In which version is this problem handled?

    Has this problem been assigned increased priority?

    friendly greetings and a nice start to the week :-) 

  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Michael!

    This bug was fixed in 3.1.0

    You can read hot to update the app here:

    Let me know how it goes! 

  • Timothy Burgess

    Hi Val, hi Michael!


    Michael the bug isn't fixed as such in the new version. It's just been moved deeper into the program. The code logic under the hood is still not great.

    From my experience PL is unstable when batching say 100s of images (I am using it on Tiffs).

    I find the best workaround is to: 

    - use a piece of software called FolderAxe (or similar) to divide up large #s of images into smaller segments. I usually make it 200 images / batch.

    - after hitting Apply To Apply images in PL, I use TaskManager in Windows to wait until PL has gone back to 0% CPU, before hitting Export (usually 10 minutes of so).

    It then works.

    There is some unwieldy coding going on under the bonet of PL but the above workarounds allow you to use the software, albeit in a frustrating manner.



    Hope it helps & I hope Skylum gets there act together. I won't be buying the new Luminar until I have tested it. If they can't get the very simple PL gui working, I have little hope for Luminar 2019 being any good.

    But here's hoping...

    Cheers, Timothy


  • Valerie Moore

    Thank you for the feedback, Timothy!

    We will work harder to improve our products.

    Have a great day!

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