Batch in Photos



  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Dietmar!

    Unfortunately, Photolemur does not support batch processing in Photos Extension.

    But we will consider adding it in the future. 

  • jenfli

    >we will consider adding it in the future


    Thumb up for this. Got so much raw photos in Photos for Mac. A batch processing with Photolemur would be like a dream. At the moment I have to make choices for every single picture and do it manually which costs so much time.

    Please support it in the nearer future.  

  • Valerie Moore

    Thank you for the feedback!

    We have already transferred this advice to the development department. 

  • jenfli

    Thank you for the good news, Valerie. I will now check the upcoming release notes closer :) 

  • Laurent Lambert

    Yes, it will be very cool because it's too fastidious to use Photolemur in photo extension.

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