My Photolemur version is NOT 3 but I bought 3



  • Valerie Moore

    Hi!  Unfortunately, I couldn't find purchase of upgrade under your account. Could you please specify your order number? It would be helpful if you could send us your purchase receipt. You can send it to

  • Dick jenkins

    All very confusing. I have Photolemur 2.3.1 installed on my iMac 27 for months now. I have a thank you email from you in recent days thanking me for a recent purchase. Normal operations for most softwares will indicate a serial number or other such key code in the “About this software” but with you, nothing. I have some sort of code that appears to be a partial code stored in my Apple Notes app that reads as follows: 

    photolemur 2.2 Spectre. License code: A541-2MLQ-JNJU-  and the rest appears missing. 


    I’ve used your program for months. It appears to have been installed on my computer (not on this iPad) since July. I want to have version 3 and it is offered to me for $15 BUT I cannot find (to give you) whatever series of code or key that you are asking for.   I have over 400 passwords and usernames to keep track of  and that is task enough without asking to provide a purchase receipt. You MUST have me in your system. Do I have to dig through all of my credit card records to prove to you that I own your software and wish to update for the offered amount?





  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Dick,

    No worries, I have found your serial number. But I still can't find your order. Probably you purchased Photolemur not from the official website.

    I have sent all the information to
    Please check your inbox.

    Have a marvelous day and let me know if any questions arise. 

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