Did Not Receive "Styles" File



  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Ben!

    Please check your inbox. I have just sent you a letter.

    Have a marvelous day! ;)

  • Ben

    Hello Valerie,

    Thank you so much! Fantastic. Have an excellent day!

  • Valerie Moore

    Hello Ben,

    You're always welcome.

    We'd be grateful if you leave us a review on our Facebook page and let everyone know what you think about Photolemur:


    Have a marvelous day! ;)

  • Nik Frame

    Same here. No styles and worse, after I input the serial and my email address - NOTHING HAPPENS.


    Tested on 2 computers (Windows10 x64).

    My payment was taken promptly but still awaiting a working program!

  • Valerie Moore

    Hi Nik!

    Sorry for the temporary inconveniences!

    There were some technical issues with the server that are fixed now. 

    I will check the email with Styles now.

    Please try to activate the app again and let us know if any other questions arise. 

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